Friday, May 09, 2008

meeeee wallkkkkk... afterthought...

well, i will post a bit about last weekends race...

for me the middle part of the race was a sloggfest. walking, shuffling, walking, more shuffling, and more walking. how long did this go on??? 4-5 hrs. gad i was a pathetic mess.

i tryed to run with friends. but nooooooo, tom can't run up that hill. yes, i call that a hill. oh, it is not as steep as your driveway??? i don't care, it resembles an uphill.............. yea, that is what i was thinking.

as friends moved on down the trail ahead of me i was worried about getting to the finish before dark at one point. i think that was the only motivator to keep going because i didn't have a light.
i just wanted to get accross than darn finish line and hear how chickenhawk did. he was in third when i saw him after he made the turn around. i knew it would be a battle for him as jon olsen just looked too fresh three minutes back at that point.

french kiss yelled at me for taking her picture. she said this was a race and i should be running. just behind her the colonal didn't look super fresh but i think he had a pretty good day. i think he even got a pr. cool, now he just has to put that same kind of race together for the big dance.

well for me i ended up hooking up with a friend that is always way out front of me. he was struggling too. we hung out for two aid stations.... 3+ hours!!!!!! gad it was slow. he finally sat and let me go.

well, i finally realized i was going to finish after 12+ hrs of slogging. the only good thing is i took 90 pictures and some came out.
the bad part of the race is i didn't see the ice cream at Pan Toll. oh, that pissed me off when i found out about that. and to kick a guy when he is really down, they had pizza at hwy 1 and i didn't know about that either!!!

well, the best part was seeing brian gains finish his first 100k. very cool. he paced me at kettle last year.

funny when he asked me how fast i would be running at mile 80 in the race when he picked me up last june... "8-9 minute miles tom???" a no brian... that would be about 12-14 minute miles. i still chuckle about that question.

to be honest i had a split chart made out months ago for the little get together the third weekend in june. now i'm thinking about the only good i have for it is throwing it in the river as i'm running cal street IN THE DARK. oh, i wanted to run most of that in the light but i am not so sure that will happen now. yea, LB, AJW, brother, the colonal all don't have to worry about that. they will be on the far side by about 6:30 pm. but i'm just not like those speed racers.

so for now i am just hoping doing a 50 the weekend before and knocking off another 100 mile week had something to do with my so called mee waaaalkkkkk race. argghhhh
so i will be seeing some of you at the mac this weekend. i'll be sweeping and i will be walking a lot of that too. but only because i know of a runner that will be taking over nine hours on that course. i think i will do some repeats behind him to get a little running in for the day.
have a good weekend speedracers


Anonymous said...

hey tom, it was great seeing you again this year. despite your sluggish 4+ hr stint, you still turned out a pretty awesome time; even if you only have one gear.

thanks for all of your advice and insights on training and races over the year...and thanks for prodding me along with some races.

had fun, it's what it's all about of course. oh, and i think the pizza arrived after you went through Hwy 1. ya know, it's for us s.l.o.w.e.r. runners who need more energy out there ;-).

i asked kelly, she didn't see any ice cream either; maybe they ran out or were keeping it on the DL.


Anonymous said...

Tom, bad stretches and tough times while running an ultra are far more valuable than having that perfect day. Chalk it up to WS preperation!!!

Steve S said...

Shake it off Tommy. You will bounce back. Remember, it is all just good mileage training for WS. Hang in there and let it go as just a sluggish day. It was still 100K of beatiful trail and running friends.

Danni said...

You know, I might be mother hen-ish here but maybe you just need some rest and recovery? Seems like you just did a 50 and so maybe you weren't totally recovered? Sounds like you didn't have a ton of fun but you are really going to be ready for WS.

mtnrunR said...

thanks for the comment. very wise you are.