Friday, May 30, 2008

team oregon

with the help of olga we were able to put together "team oregon" shirts this year. kevin wasn't doing it this year so i figured since it is so hard to get into states that i wanted something to remember it by. olga had connections with sporthill (and i didn't want a cotton shirt) so we went through with it. we had to wait to see who all won themselves in so we had to wait until miwok was done. the price came to $15.50 with the "team" pricing. hope everybody likes them...


Makita said...

Sweet shirts! :D

robtherunner said...

That's a great idea! I'm sure you'll represent Oregon well. Looks like you have some good company.

Danni said...

If I made "Team Montana" shirts I wonder if Nikki Kimball would wear one :p (j/k)

That's pretty cool. I'm thinking of putting my running club logo on my race-day shirt. However, I haven't figured out what the heck I'm going to wear yet.

Journey to a Centum said...

You should all show up in a stretch limo on the morning of the race wearing your Team Oregon shirts! I'm sure they will be the envy of many runners.

Have a great time Tom! Wish I was there just to cheer you on. I'll be tracking you and the team on the computer.

WynnMan said...

Hey Tom! Those shirts look awesome! Thanks for the kind words as well. I hope you can make it up for Superior Sawtooth at some point. Your old stompin' grounds. It is one best, but a beautiful one at that. O yeah and email me off line if you're interested in hearing about another 100miler that UMTR is thinking for 2009, along the bluffs of the Mississippi just south of RedWing... More vitals to come. This one would also be a real bear.

Your kettle time last year was fast! The conditions this year were super muggy, and on occassions pouring rain. Lots of folks dropped.

Looks like the BIG DANCE is going to be a real show. The question is which Oregonian is looking the sharpest.....
Any word why Kochic is not in the race? He did well last year.

mtnrunR said...

i have no idea why phil isn't in the race. man he looked good RUNNING up green gate around 6pm. maybe he just doesn't like 100's??? kami said she wasn't going to run it this year. it wasn't until after winning miwok did she sign up.

yes, it will be fun watching the fast men and women this year.

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