Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bowerman and the men of Oregon

Well, just got the book I ordered over six months ago, BOWERMAN AND THE MEN OF OREGON. (delays in printing was the reason.) I had been reading an ultra report on Kenny Moore about a race he and others did around the big island of Hawaii. I knew when I was reading the race report that when he said he had a slow 20 mile run at 6:30 pace that I must be reading about an accomplished runner. Low and behold he ran at Oregon, the same team that I used to go watch as a teenager. I have to be honest, I didn't remember him. Afterall, Pre was the name that we all remembered at that time. O.K., maybe Mac Wilkins and a few others. But Pre took the spotlight.

Kenny Moore is the author and a talented runner. He held the American record in the marathon in 1969 at 2:13:29 to later improve it in 1972 to 2:11:36. In 1972 in Munich, he placed 4th in the Olympic marathon bettering his last outing of 14th in 1968 in Mexico, City.

Kenny Moore, not only a fantastic athlete but also a writer. He is in the national track hall of fame for writing, not running. He was the lead track writer for Sports Illulstrated for almost 20 years and C0-wrote "Without Limits", the movie about the relationship between Bowerman and Pre.

Well, I just received the book from Amazon and can't wait to read it, as with my last two running books I will probably finish it in just a few days. And this is coming from a person that doesn't read. No, I am not proud of that. Just haven't ever been a reader. I am embarrassed to say I have only read three books cover to cover in my life. How did I get through school? Cliff notes probably.

So, I will be cracking the cover tonight and relive some of my early memories of growing up in Eugene watching Oregon track and two Olympic Trials as a eight and twelve year old. I remember the starting of NIKE. I remember when the first waffle soled shoes came on the market, blue they were. I remember the stands of 10,000 plus rise on the final lap and clapping in unision as Pre would let it all hang out to the finish. And I remember the absolute roar as he would cross the finish line. What great memeories.

Now I hope to relive some of those memeories in 2008 when Eugene will be hosting the Olympic Trials once again. Maybe Meghan will be there! As she is gearing up this year to qualify at the Twin Cities Marathon. After her huge base getting ready for States she will be more than ready.

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