Monday, July 17, 2006

Siskiyou Out and Back (S.O.B.) 50k

Well, Mt. Shasta was hiding all day behind clouds while we ran SOB. It is faintly visable in the picture to the left if you magnify it. But that was the only negative about the whole day. Sunny, great views and great friends along the trail.

The race had it's most participants ever. Plus, many were doing their first ultra. I know of six myself. It was a warm day in the 80's. So, it affected some. I gave S-caps to two new runners and a third declined as we were near an aid station. I think they all finished which is good. Friends asked me if it was hot. "After States?", "Are you kidding, it didn't get this cool until 3am on States day." I only took one S-cap. Yes, I should have taken more but I was just having fun talking and taking pictrures.

The plan for the day was just to spend time on my feet and see if my legs could take it after coming off States three weeks ago.

Well, Kyly and I walked the start about one minute before the time to run. I then saw Brad and Mark in the middle of the pack. I haven't seen them in a long time. We started running and I really didn't want to run with them but they wanted to hear about WS. So, they told me that I am going to have to run faster. I followed suit but I told them only for a bit. I didn't want to run with you fast dudes. I gave my report play by play.

So, half the race goes by and I am still with Brad and Mark. What the heck was I doing? Well, just then Brad wasn't feeling all that hot. He slowed as Mark kept his usual steady pace. I stayed with him for a long while. He was nauseated and was trying to regroup. It was a good excuse to run slower, I liked this. I was able to talk to friends as they went by. Clem caught up with us and he scolded me for taking so many pictures of "this old man." Heck he won his age group in 5:31!!!

After taking a picture of Brad I turned around to run and tripped and fell. My normal for every race. No big deal. But upon being a stumbling idiot I smacked a rock with my ankle. Actually, quite painful. Still swollen today. It was difficult to run. It made downhill running very difficult for some reason. I will be doing a little self psyical therapy, and ice this week and hopefully be able to do all 50 miles at Sunsweet next week.

After limping with Brad for the next five miles his stomach went even further south. He told me to go ahead. I said it was o.k. I was fine with this. Afterall, I like walking. So, we walked and ran the best we could for another five miles. But even after going slowly he still wasn't feeling well. He let me go for the final nine miles or so.

I ran by myself for a long time taking more pictures. I think it was 72 for the day. Ended up with about 60 after dumping the blurry ones. The limping would come and go. But I could run the flats and ups with no problems. Just the downs were difficult for some reason. Came up on many new runners and this is where I offered encouraging words along with a good dose of S-caps.

Just enjoyed the rest of the run and day.

After finishing I could tell my legs are not fully recovered. That is o.k., I wasn't here to race anyway. But after looking at my time I was only a minute off my PR on this course. I guess I had some good training going into States?

Brad and John Bandur just before I tripped. This was probably John's 350 ultra at least!

It was just a great day to be on the trail and see friends!

Kyly finishing...


stephruns said...

hope your foot is ok by now. i tend to trip towards the end of a run...but that's because my legs get tired!!!

where do you refill your water bottles when you go trail running?

i'm just wondering how other runners deal with that issue.

mtnrunR said...

I refill in streams. I have never filtered but after Kyly informed me a little more about filtering, I should actually use my $50 filter bottle. We plan long runs around where to get water. Sometimes I can have as much as 120 ozs of fluid on my while running. That's 7.5 lbs just in fluid! Not counting food, clothes, and always a special treat to share with everybody on those really long days.

mtnrunR said...

I ment to say... After Kyly informed me a little more about giardia, I should actually use my $50 filter bottle.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

sweet run! I love the pictures. man, you must have had some great training going into WS if you were only a minute of your PR of this course. that's awesome!

stephruns said...

i'm so glad you told me about this. will go and order such a bottle.

olga said...

Hey, great run! I think I am missing lots of fun:) Prioritizing is tough...

newloghere said...

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