Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On Sunday Bob "the beast" Lyons invited Kyly and I for a run up to Silver Star Mountain. I usually do not use my hydration pack, only my two 24 oz. handhelds, but I knew better when setting out on a run with Bob. I would take both this day. Thank goodness, we were out a little longer than Kyly's predicted time of 4-6 hours....

No, we were out there 10 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was funny. Kyly and I knew this was going to happen. All of us just had a blast.

Bob knows the history of every trail and the story behind the naming of every mountain. The best tour guide for the gorge there is!

Mt Adams above. Mt St. Helens above and below.

Bob made Kyly do things she didn't want....

But she was happy in the end.

Above, Kyly doing her yoga in the cave.
Below, looking out of the cave through the arch. And below, Kyly wouldn't let me go any higher.
There was some running done.
The trail goes through the first arch.

As I said, was glad to have the extra fluids to start out the day. But as usual after running out of water Bob was able to guide us to refill everything. Thank you Bob.
In the Indian Pits. About to have a vision quest.

Some great vantage points!Not much running here.

Yummy Salmon Berries. Did I tell you I ran out of food also? Love an adventure with Bob.

Hidden Falls. Good, I can get more water again!

Mt Hood, can't run around it yet. Too much snow.

Kyly and Bob. Mt. Adams in background.

Mt St. Helens to left. Mt Rainer to the right.

Mt Jefferson off in the distance.

What a great day. We saw five mountains. The weekend couldn't have ended any better.


olga said...

often I wish I had all time on my hands as Bob does...lets just make it to retirement:)

Ryan said...

You can't beat a day on the trails....what a nice trail run....great photos!!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

10 hours?! wow...

and those pictures! *gorgeous* !

stephruns said...

hey - you forgot to take me!!!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Beautiful photos!

Jennifer said...

Love the photos (and the captions)- what a great way to spend 10 hours!